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Every day we wake up.  And we don't realize we've just stepped into "The DREAM."  

Our life isn't "ours" even though we think we've created it.

By the time we start Elementary School well over 80% of all the "Programs" that run our life have already been "installed" by our parents, friends (yes your childhood friends), family friends, relatives, other adults, TV, you name it.  

If you HEARD IT, SAW IT, EXPERIENCE IT during your youth, then you were PROGRAMMED by it.

What kind of things were programmed?

      • How Healthy you will be
      • How much Money you will make
      • How many Marriages you will have
      • Where you will Live
      • What will your Friends be like
      • What kind of Cars you will drive
      • What kind of Jobs you will have
      • How well you'll do in Sports
      • If you will Smoke or not
      • What kind of Parent will you be
      • What Fears will you have
      • How will you do with Pets
      • Will you be Successful
      • Will you be Fearful
      • Will you be .....????

By the time you're out of Middle School there's VERY LITTLE THAT'S NOT BEEN PROGRAMMED ... and you are operating most of the time under the influence of these programs, just running along under the veil of your Subconscious Mind.

Look around.  Your Job, House, Friends, Weight, Habits, Spouse, Finances ... are telling you where you're doing GREAT.  

And where you need some assistance.

Most people are here because there's things in their life they can't "fix" or "over come" or "improve" or "stop" or CHANGE with "Willpower" by itself.

    They want to lose weight and KEEP it off 

      They want to Stop Smoking ... FOR GOOD


    They want to do BETTER                                      

    They want to improve their SALES  

      They want to conquer their Fear of:

      People - Failure - Success - Dating - Interviews - Tests - Stepping Up - Backing Off - Decisions - Moving On

      Anything & Everything Outside Their Comfort Zone


    They want to do better with Memory


    They want to improve an Athletic Skill


    They want to be less Anxious  


    They want MORE CONFIDENCE  

    They want .... CONTROL OVER THEIR LIFE.

 This is your doorway into those Programs.  This is your access to change those programs.

Here is where you can get the tools, hands on coaching, leverage, ability to create new outcomes to support the life you want.

Starting NOW.  

I work with individuals on a 1 on 1 basis.  

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